Harry and Hermione Dance in HD – via YouTube

Harry and Hermione Dance HD – YouTube.

What is it about this clip that haunts long-forgotten elements of youth that, like the curse between Harry & Voldemort, whip-lash one back to connections that send shivers up one’s spine?

Mine are memories, however, that belong in 1984 and should stay buried there, with Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Sergio Tacchini, and Patrick cagoules with a stake through their heart, yet all seem to boil to the surface once more as I lose myself in this one scene, over and over again.

Harry Potter, like James Bond, is fun.  You are familiar with the characters, like an old pair of ballet slippers or fingerless gloves – they have melded to you and are comfortable.

There is, however, nothing fun about this clip.  The smiles seem painted on, desperation supporting the corners of their mouths rather than a genuine belief that they were on a fait accompli.

Yet what smiles – my belief is that those momentary smiles mid-scene were of two young actors who knew they were on the end of a trail-blazing few years, rejoicing in their own outstanding accomplishments, and nothing to do with the film.

But back to the scene – it’s almost as if Dementors had sucked the life out of the couple, the scene – it is rejection; it is harrowing; it is longing; it is about love lost and fighting a cause that will never equal that which you have lost, but which is expected of you to pursue until either you or it is vanquished. 

Harry and Hermione are futility personified.

This scene comes, obviously, before the end of the Harry Potter series of films and we are yet to learn of The Dark Lord’s failings.  If, and it’s a big if, there were ever to be nominations for acting in the trials and tribulations of the young wizard, this scene encapsulates the whole series, from start to end, in just over two minutes where body language takes over, sound track centre stage and actors let the story envelop them in a lamentable ballad of what could have been, but never will.

The Chosen One, lost in the wilderness trying to find his raison d’être; the half-blood, with whom a relationship, as the Horcrux in The Forest of Dean rightly portrayed as making the most sense was never to be, still pining for her unlikely partner, whom time has borrowed, unsure if she will ever see again; or instead, has destiny snatched the ginger wanderer, in its lust for self-fulfillment, and denied her the one thing she craves – acceptance for who she is?

And the absolute hopelessness of their cause – Dan and Emma, whatever their acting skills throughout the Harry Potter series have been lacking – make up for everything, for everybody, in this one scene.

One word: brilliant

For two days over Christmas, I have (almost physically, at times) held back the temptation to find out what that bloody song was in the background, whilst the two teased this tortuos, torturous tango; alas, today, I could resist no more and relented as the one refrain from the reluctant rant ran around my cranium, over and over.

So, to Nick Cave, Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and, of course, J. K. Rowlingyou absolute bastards – you’ve driven me mad all over Christmas – I hope you’re satisfied!


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