New writing challenges and closed chapters

The start of 2012 has seen a whirlwind of changes for Darrelldoo – to the extent that there is a very real possibility of freelance article writing actually becoming the primary source of income, certainly whilst other aspects in the background remain unresolved.

This weekend has seen Zebedeerox write his last posts for ipersonalinjury and in order to make room for new writing ventures.  Likewise, with Google pondering how many posts per day are regarded as spam, the current thinking being that any more than two will result in a blog being penalised, possibly even one being seen as the maximum, Zeb’s number of articles for dating and cheapvaninsurance have also decreased to one a day, purely because the quality of the unique content is seen by the webmaster as satisfying the Googlebots and their thirst for fresh news.

Zebedeerox believes that the web is getting too big and Google want to limit the amount of fresh content in order for their spiders to grab the best, freshest content.  If this stops the article spinners and other Internet spammers, then they have Zeb’s full support, there.  It just means that, in order to retain income, the level of professional writing services Zebedeerox offers will need more blogs to accommodate his phenomenal talent.  This is a win-win situation, as it will make him a more accomplished writer and spread the risk of losing livelihood much more thinly, rather than all of the eggs being in one basket as it was at the end of 2011.

The writing for 4boilercover and cookerycourses continues three and four respectively, consecutively for another webmaster, whilst a new contract for yet another blogsite has seen Zebedeerox turn his eye to golf, scribing two unique articles daily for webgolfcoach, as of the beginning of March.  With another website in the offing, this one for self-employed mortgages, this will take Zeb’s weekly commitment to 49 articles per week, without even considering his own blogs, namely this one and other places Zebedeerox and other incarnations of the same across cyberspace.

Niche dating site launch – casual dating blog

The newest site, looking into the niche side of dating with, is an exercise in whether an affiliate blog can rise up the search engine rankings, linking to sites that thousands of other bloggers are either writing articles about using landing page links or putting banners in their sidebars using widgets.  So far, the only advertising Zebedeerox is using is the ‘Publicize’ feature in WordPress – although initial posts, when checking on G+, would suggest that the best way to ‘share’ with circles is sign up for the RSS in GReader and then share via that platform.  The Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn facilities seem to working fine, so why the Google publicise feature is faulty is a minor annoyance.  As small amount of publicising will also come from the viral search engine providing free traffic using cocosearch.

Zebedeerox is still a little disheartened that there isn’t the facility in (like the one in to enhance the SEO content of the blog, such as the SEO Allinone plug-in.  So much, in, is down to the author of the theme getting it SEO friendly it does seem a little restrictive, if not risky.  Of course, what that will mean later in the year, is perhaps transferring to a account and self-hosting –  that will be an experience in itself!  Progress through change, in small steps – Kaizen, indeed.

If you are in need of a professional writer, please feel free to drop a line in the comments or proceed to the online form at, wherein you can be more specific about the type of writing you require from Darrelldoo.  thank you.
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