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This post is for Lois W. Stern and Daron Henson on LinkedIn, re: WordPress vs Blogger thread.

Here’s just a quick insight into the type of SEO you can get from using WordPress and Google together, even though Google have not chosen to partner WordPress in 2012 for tutorials; I can only think it’s because, blogging-wise, WordPress are wiping the floor in the popularity stakes with Blogger, at least from the people I work for and speak to.

These are three simple SEO steps I take when deciding what to blog about next for my brand new affiliate casual dating review site,; there’s probably a lot more I should be doing and probably even more I’m doing wrong.  But I’m page eight on Google for the search term ‘Click&Flirt’ after the first three weeks, so things are only just warming up.  I was quite surprised to see me there, but following steps religiously and patience seem to be paying off, already.

I have gained the knowledge for the three steps by writing for four web-masters, now, all on self-hosted blogs, the first one I started in September last year; namely:

Okay, first, I see what traffic has been hitting my blog, details of which can be found in the summaries area of Site Stats in the backend of your dashboard:-

Search terms for
picking out how Google and Bingmaster see & find

Then, I see how that compares with my targeted keywords – these actually genuinely surprised me:-

keyword stats for
casual dating vs mobile dating

Then, I compare the two sets of information, plus check to see if there is any seasonal movement based over time and which of the two terms I should be emphasising more, or less, and what is really happening. As you can see from the data, the terms finding my site are not the ones I wanted to target, but are generic based on the posts I have created. It is this, I believe, the quality content of a blog, that Google are prioritising in their algorithms. I’m new to this side of blogging but it does seem quite logical and I’ve got 150 hits in three weeks – okay, that’s not going to make me a millionaire at that rate, but the more regularly I post, the greater the amount of clicks, it’s that simple.

Google analysis of casual dating vs mobile dating
mobile dating continues to be more popular than casual dating

So, my advice, for what it’s worth, is

  • keep an open mind to what traffic your blog’s going to pick up,
  • check regularly the search terms the crawlers are picking up from your site and either
    • write more keywords targeted towards the blog’s original purpose if it’s straying too far from the path and you’re uncomfortable with where it’s going, or
    • change or adapt the purpose of your blog to suit the traffic it’s receiving from the search engines and click-through’s
  • write regular, original content
  • let your voice speak through the words you write; don’t try to write like someone else otherwise it will not be believable – you may not think that anyone wants to hear what you say, but thousands of new users hit the Internet every day and you can soon become an authority in your chosen niche with personalised, quality content.

Anyway  – I’ve got to get back to writing for my web-masters, now.

I’m compiling a list on delicious of everything SEO that I’d love to find time to get around to reading (and applying to my business website, – some of it you may find insightful, even useful: SEO Matters

Really must fly – WordPress is a-calling.

Zebedeerox. xxx


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