The Anatomy of a Solid Content Marketing Strategy

The Anatomy of an Infographic
The Anatomy of an Infographic

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Content has continuously been a main factor in ranking authoritative websites, but recently content marketing has gained the attention it deserves in…

Followers of mine will have long been used to my rants at the mighty G for the shite it delivered into my RSS feeds as ‘content’ prior to Penguin and my recent about turn following the update when it looked like it was trying to eradicate article spinners and duplicate content from the web.

Whether it’s just too big an ask or the dubious methods of article spinners are finding ways around Penguin and Panda, I don’t know, but this last month there seems to have been an awful lot of shite turning back up in my feeds.

Whatever attempts to bypass the keyword-stuffers the latest algorithms were endeavouring to circumvent, if Google’s own ‘blog search’ and Reader are the basis of its argument, it’s failing again.

As much as “content is king”, there are once again many pretenders to the throne earning a royalty; article curation, such as this, just scooped without the webmaster adding what this article means to them and their readership, is another example of how the algorithm scientists have got to work harder to find out what is quality, original content and what is someone piggy-backing on the back of a unique, authoritative authors’ acumen.

For sure, having an article scooped is perhaps one of the highest compliments a blogger can have, in the absence of it leading to a direct sale or extending their reach. What cheeses authors off is when the scooper makes no attempt whatsoever to embelish the cover with their level of understanding of the article and interpret it to their readership.

Do these scoopers not realise that, if they’re in a niche, it is possible, nay likely, that their followers are also following the author of the original content in the absence of them being able to create their own? It’s not rocket science…

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