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Having the ability to put pen to paper – or keyboard to text editing doc – is one thing.  Understanding what gets your content in front of an audience is entirely another.

It’s not just about perfect grammar, well composed sentences and each article having quality, original content and a message wrapped betwixt its words.  That is important – nay, critical – if you want to build a loyal following.  But as well as pleasing a potential (or existing) human audience, you have to please the search engines, too.

Not taking anything away from the Yahoo!s and Bings of this world – they do a mighty fine job, for sure – but everyone in the online world who’s producing a blog or fresh article content for their website knows that it’s the mighty G whom you have to please secondarily after you’ve got the content write (I know what I mean) for your audience.

This post is a Scooped stack of a summary, for anyone new to Zebedeerox, of all of the articles on that relate my interpretations of the best practices for search engine optimisation for on-site content.  Some posts may seem dated now, especially the earlier ones ones from a Pre-Penguin world, but as I’ve always preached quality first, they should all still be relevant.

Don’t ask me about off-site SEO tactics – I’ve not got a bogging clue.

Actually, I’ve done this a little arse about face as there’s another fantastic article I’m going to share with you shortly by Bryan Kaymer that deserves its place in this stack – it will be published under the SEO Matters category, so run that category and it will  appear there once published.

One of the reasons a previous webmaster I wrote for kept knocking on my door was the fact that every article I produced for him through oDesk was not only written in top-quality, editorial English, but I also ensured that everything I produced had a point – a convincing story adapted to the site’s theme, summarised at the end by what that article meant to the readership of his blogs.

Bryan has taken this notion a step further and I’ll be posting that shortly – it really is one of the best articles I’ve seen on content vs context in an absolute age.

Please, feel free to comment and share or correct any ot the articles within this stack – look forward to your input.


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