Motivators behind liking a facebook brand

motivators for facebook brand recognition
motivators for facebook brand recognition

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Zebedeerox finds a new home on tumblr – well, not a new home, more like a country retreat to try out…

You may wonder why so many of us are putting as much time into our facebook fan pages as our webs and blogs, these days. For those who think that social media, especially facebook, is a waste of time, you may want to check this out first…

…fan pages are developing fast, with apps like a fanzilla set of apps – I like to call it a mask – that gives your fan page as much functionality as a bog-standard blog.

Unlike other platforms, people seem to be a lot more open and trusting on facebook than other platforms, too.

I did knock up a post about just this subject last week, but as the saying goes “A picture paints a thousand words” – okay, my article wasn’t 1,000 words, but for all my keyboard craftsmanship, I doubt that the eloquence expressed brought the subject matter to the eye of the reader in a split second quite like this infographic does.

Next up: how to learn to make infographics!



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