A pontoon of blogging tips for beginners and pros alike

Before we start on this run of twenty one blogging tips, let me first tip my own hat to Social Media Examiner for compiling such a list in the first instance. Likewise, to the pontoon of contributors whose insights have made the list in itself something of a blueprint for both the would-be blogger and seasoned pro alike – Har Thank Yow, from the very heart of my bottom.

If you’re just setting out on the road to conquer the Internet using your command of the English language as your weapon of choice alone, firstly, good luck with that! That’s how I started out, thinking: “God, I’m great at writing. I’m gonna be an Internet star!” – quack-quack, oops!

Social media revolution
By Mentionablehonor (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0]

Secondly, you’ll soon discover that blogging quality content, knowing how to drive traffic to your blog and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation – knowing how to make your blog search engine friendly) go together in a natty little package.

They are the Holy Trinity of blogging and, like The Father, Son and Oily Goose, they need the assistance of a good many angels, arch-angels and saints to make blogging heaven run smoothly and keep all the little daemons at bay. You’ll also find that, just when you think you’ve rounded up all of the devil’s little helpers and locked them away and got all of your celestial brothers and sisters working in harmony, the mother of the devil himself will come along and release said little daemons and turn one (or more) of your angels or saints bad.

We refer to that mother as Google – y’know, the company that runs the planet we lovingly know as Earth? – and what they say, as far as good practises for SEO go, goes. It has the power to make everything that you were doing to make your blog appeal to its crawlers (bots that index the web pages) and even your flock corrupt overnight. And, yes, you can go to confessional, but expect your penance to be more like forty days in the wilderness than a couple of Our Fathers and a Hail Mary or two.

If you’re a Doubting Thomas about that last point, just enter ‘panda’, ‘penguin’ or ‘EMD algorithm update’ into MOTDH to see the gallons of sweat and tears of blood that webmasters worldwide have shed thrice in the last twelve months alone. Google has swept the web for pestilence in its attempt to rid its SERPs (search engine results pages) of what it considers spam. But it’s not worked out so good as many bona fide sites have been hit as well as some – but not all – of the spammy ones. Think: King Herod killing all of the new-born male children about two thousand years ago, taking everyone down to get to the target, but missing folks like Judas Iscariot and Saul – you’ll be on the right track.

But we can’t moan about it as, no matter what you think of its game-changing decisions, it is Google’s Autobahn we use to drive traffic to our content; it can close a lane, put up roadworks, increase or decrease the speed limit as deemed fit and there’s Jack we can do about it.

That’s why this series of blogging tips will be so very important. Many webmasters have had to become resourceful this last year, relying on other ways of driving traffic than Google, such as offering a product, using social media or incorporating e-mail campaigns. You, too, can no longer afford to place all of your eggs in the MOTDH’s basket alone.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that social media is just a haven for cat photos, seeing what your friends think of the last act on X-Factor or being forced to read what your network has had for tea. Each little snippet posted is minutia detail about each and every one of us. We are constructing profiles the likes of which brands have never had exposure to before. Social media is marketing gold and a tap (faucet, for our US buddies) inserted into the gushing pipe of advertising revenue.

Over the next three weeks, we’ll look at each of the tips offered up by the industry’s leading bloggers and social networkers in detail, all of whom incorporate article marketing into their online strategies. Well, I say three weeks – I’m doing NaNo and am already behind after day one, so please forgive me if there’s a day or two without an article. Trust me – I’ll be pulling my hair out more than you.

Well, that’s it from me for today. My NaNoNovel, The Seed (if you want to check out my fiction, too, here’s a link to the synopsis & excerpt), is years in the making, spattered across three PCs and laptops in varying degrees of accessibility (the bulk is on a PC thirteen years old, which only has a floppy and no longer understands connectivity). Fortuitously, I have printed it off, so am now dusting it off and finally bringing Delores, Darren et al to life in a place other than inside my mind…it’s a wonder they’ve not got mad….


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