Plagiarism and bad web copy setting in on Triond

Is nothing sacred?

The guys at Triond go to the lengths of creating a blogging community, offering a genuine opportunity to build a powerhouse of professional bloggers on its network of sites, then the article spinners get in.

Somehow, they get their articles past the quality and duplication checkers and subsequently start ruining the platform for the genuinely talented writers trying to make a name for themselves online.

1533786_Triond-Banner-Ad_620 (Photo credit: strovek)

One of the articles has raised the issue – and it seems that many more members harbour similar sentiments – kick the spinners off site before they start dragging our names down with them by association to Triond.

I’m surprised that a site as big as the community that’s developed over at Triond has let it get to this stage.

Have Triond’s sites been hit by Penguin and the ‘Minor Weather Report’ that took out EMDs?

I do have a theory, and that’s that many of the sites may have been hit by Google algorithm updates recently due to their SEO tactics.  Namely, linking strategies on and off site that the authors have no input on, not on-site content itself.

As the traffic decreases bloggers are jumping ship due to a reduction in earnings (AdSense and shared ad revenue) and Triond have got to fill their pages with something.  It seems that spun or poor quality content is obviously deemed ‘better than nothing’.

I’m sure Google will fine-tune their algorithms to detect spun and non-native content and sooner than we think.  Until such a time, we have to put up with jobs on freelance sites calling for article spinners.

Sites who allow this practise, even promote jobs offering the opportunity of plagiarism theft, ought to be held accountable.  Advertising such work, when they know it’s against everything that the search engines are aiming for, is nothing short of despicable.

The worst case scenario for Triond writers has perhaps already occurred.  Third party reactions to this decline in quality is underlined by long-serving Triond member Jo Oliver.  She stated: “Reddit cooking and food banned everyone submitting anything from Triond due to the poor, half-broken English recipes they were getting as Reddit submissions. So, yeah, I’m annoyed!”

When it gets to that stage, Triond – or any online blogging syndication community – really ought to do more to protect its quality authors.

Anyway, here’s a little more info if you’ve been following my Triond blogs this week and this latest revelation has not put you off joining.

The other way you could look at the issue is, of course, your work will stand out from the crowd if so much crap is truly getting through.   I know that’s small consolation for being tarred with a same brush, but perhaps it does make us think a little bit more about how much our quality content is worth when bidding for jobs on the freelance websites.

Right – off me soapbox – it’s 02:51 a.m. and the gent’s coming to finish cladding me bathroom in the mornin’, so I’m off to kip.  The link to the online article in full is above if you want to get the ‘referral’ bit of the thread, too…

First and foremost, Jo, what a well-balanced article, points made clearly and concisely and obviously striking accord with many Triond members who find themselves in the same boat.

I’ve only arrived here this week after finding the site through a referral from an awfully-written article when I was searching for something completely off topic. Which in some way vilifies Triond publishing tripe – if it’s good enough for Google to rank, who’s to argue?

I’m not saying it’s right, far from it. Spun copy is the bane of my life and I’ve remonstrated on my blog about it in numerous articles over the last eighteen months or so.

I wasn’t even aware that there was a referral program so, secondly, thanks for that. My chagrin now is that I’ll start earning someone money who has no grasp of the English language whatsoever. But that’s being defeatist.

The key point for me is reputation. Without one, a writer is going nowhere fast. If there has been a decline in standard, then the Triond team need to do something about it, too. It is their reputation on the line, too.

I noticed the poor quality when my own first article got declined because of poor quality. I looked for comparisons and, once found, could not believe the reason the support team cited for not publishing my article compared to what I was seeing as already published – it was laughable.

Needless to say, I’m up and running now and am so glad that there’s someone else who hates poor quality – it is theft, as the majority is spun content from non-natives who wouldn’t know punctuation if it came up and bitch-slapped them in the face.

I’m with you all the way; I’m off now to try to recruit some of my G+ friends – or at least will when I get my referral link – to see if we can up the ante.

Thanks again, and a very warm welcome to you all.


3 thoughts on “Plagiarism and bad web copy setting in on Triond

  1. What an honor to be mentioned here!!! I’ve been with Triond a long time, and I do like the site. However, the trolling, spun crappola, and one or two paragraphs of broken English fluff is getting worse by the day….so much so that, like you mention, I’m starting to feel ashamed to be associated with the site. I mainly write for Triond for my own personal venting and write elsewhere as a freelance pay-per-article writer, and refuse to let Triond tarnish my reputation with the clients that I actually write for to earn a living.


    1. As you’re such a seasoned writer, Jo, the honour is definitely all mine.
      The next article on this blog – this is fate – is going to be about WordPress WordAds and how some of the UK advertising partners are not fully backing WordPress’ commitments to monetising its users blogs. I’ve just been across and seen your article about AdSense – what an eye-opener! – and it resonates entirely with the theme of the planned article.
      I’ll keep you posted on Triond for its release.
      Thanks for dropping by, Zeb. x


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