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US — Social media analytics firm Socialrithmic has switched its focus from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest with a new analytics product designed specifically for the content-sharing site. See full article on

Zebedeerox‘s insight:

There’s a new Pinterest dashboard in town that offers real analytics on your Pinboards, including from your site to Pinterest and beyond.*

Pinster have done their homework and, as a Beta tester, I can tell yer that this tool offers insight unlike anything in the market at the minute.

Whether the market is saturated with firms offering to analyse your tweets or take a show of hands based on the amounts of thumbs-up your post gets or not, the article doesn’t particularly specify.

What is clear is that, despite requests all year into Pinterest for analytics seemingly falling on deaf ears, others have adopted the role.

The latest is Pinster who this weekend have been building on their marketing efforts to date in anticpation of the launch of the first real Pinterest dashboard to offer a comparable tool to Google Analytics for websites.

As the attached article from suggests, there has been a mass abandonment of analytics developers on facebook and twitter platforms.

Has facebook graph made the other developers redundant?  And is there just too much noise on twitter for your analytics to matter?

Certainly, the rise of Pinterest and the requirement of being able to measure your video- and image-pinning efforts has seen a big sea change in analytics.

*Indeed, having been extended an invitation by Peter at Pinster, @pinsterme on twitter, I can confirm that you can actually align your Google Analytics account with your Pinster account.

Now that’s real indepth reporting, which includes monitoring pins from your website.  Other companies have had a bash at Pinterest analytics monitoring the depth of penetration from Pinterest onwards, but not from a domain root.

Yet Pinster’s more than just a monitoring dashboard.  Like the iTweetlive dashboard for Twitter or the Buffer app, Pinster allows you to schedule your tweets.  If you’re unsure of what time your followers are online, don’t fret it.

Pinster take care of that by appraising your Pin history, what time people have re-pinned or liked your pins and then posting on your behalf at the optimum time.

That’s just great if you’re a Brit looking to get re-pin action on the other side of The Pond.  Or any other global marketer trying to woo followers across time-zones, of course.

Here’s a quick summary of the facilities on Pinster from the e-mail Peter sent me last week:

Becoming a Pinster allows you to supercharge your Pinterest marketing efforts in the following ways:

– Schedule Pins smarter and easier: Provide the perfect experience for your audience by spreading out your pins evenly throughout the day
– Monitor pins from your website: People may already be pinning content from your website! Use our tool to monitor the pins from images on your website and how users on Pinterest are interacting with them.
 Measure ROI: Measure interactions and website referrals so you better understand the ROI from using Pinterest
– Understand your audience: Get deep analytics on what content your audience is interested in

We are in the beginning of our beta, and will be releasing many exciting new features over the next few weeks including deeper analytics, custom recommendations on timings to pin, and much more!

We would LOVE your feedback on what features you would like to see first.

So, there you have it, from the horse’s mouth.  Pinterest is measurable, Pinster (+ Google Analytics) are the peops to look after it for you.

Don’t worry – you can buy me a pint next time you’re in Wolverhampton by way of thanks for availing you of this info. xxx


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