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Zebedeerox‘s insight:

What keyboard shortcuts do you use – or even know exist – when you’re browsing in Chrome?

Know how to isolate specific text in amongst a sea of trawling content?  Now you can.

The attached infographic was designed with students in mind, but as ever-developing scholarly types ourselves, it’s a great little cheat-sheet for freelancers, too.

It’s perhaps even more beneficial for freelancers whose product is of a digital content nature.  Not only will it help speed up (re)search, but also add a string to your bow that you can pontificate about to potential clients.

If you’re researching background material, for example, rather than keep mousing up to the address bar, thus distracting your fingers from the keyboard, you can hit CTRL+L and  your cursor will go straight there.

That’s a new one on me and will – over a lifetime of blogging yet to come – doubtless save hours of repositioning, let alone help prevent RSI.

Once you’re in the address bar, were you aware that you could actually type in a mathematical problem (using basic functions & parantheses) and the answer will appear in your browser?

This will save freelancers hours.

Rather than loading your calculator every time you need to work out your bid based on how many dollars per 100 words you charge, you can CTRL+L to get yourself into the address bar, then type in the relevant calculation, e.g.: (5,400/100)*6.

The example above will calculate your bid for a 5,400-word project @ $6/100 words.  Remarkable.

And don’t you just hate it when you have to search a topic that could mean two different sets of SERPs?  And sod’s law states that the most popular results never collerate to the subject you’re researching.

Yesterday, I bid on a job for a ‘subs for bust content website’.  I’d got the gist of what ‘subs’ entailed, but wanted clarification.  What came up?

Baguettes, substitutes for sports teams and u-boats.

In this Google infographic, there are handy tips showing how you can have more control over what’s delivered in the SERPs, based on different instructions you give to the search engine.

That’s one across the bows of Google, who are trying to rebrand your keywords as you type, displaying results that have more ads potency, rather than relevant results to your subject.

Read more about that, here: Google keywords rebranding

Not only does the ‘Get more from Google’ infographic highlight the best practises for Google Search (wouldn’t it be great if people knew how to search properly, let alone use their keyboard to surf more efficiently?), it also concludes with a few scholarly tips about article creation, similarly constructive for the freelance blogger.

Okay – I’ve said enough.  I’ll let the infographic tell you the rest.

If you know any search-struggling students or frustrated freelance-furrowers, be sure to share this infographic with them, won’t you?

Thanks for listening, Zeb. x

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