Penguin 2.0 – what’s in store for SEO this time?

Okay, don’t rip me a new one about the style in the Scribd pdf below.  They’re notes taken from Matt Cutts‘ recent video about what we can expect in the imminent (confirmed) Penguin 2.0 update.

As I was taking these notes, using, a freeware Drive app created for use with Coursera, I hit upon an unconventional way to adapt blog posts to your own theme.

Switch off your brain to produce natural content

The theory is, if you switch your brain off from adapting the existing content to your site’s theme, your notes will reflect a much more unique article.

Not only unique in content, but a unique perspective.  Think about, these notes will rattle fast and you’ll have to force your knowledge of the niche between your note-taking to keep up with the audio.

You may have keyword density in mind, word count and other factors that generally distract you from the real purpose of the blog.

You’ve got that purpose pegged as: providing answers for your readership’s questions, right?  Yes, the very essence of search, without which there would be only an ocean of self-promotion and how boring would that be?

Once you’ve nailed the ‘purpose’ concept, it shouldn’t take too long before you’re producing top quality content that both Google and, more importantly, your readership loves.

YouTube testing just one of 4 steps in the new curation process

I’m still testing the four components to make sure the results are okay before I pontificate about the process too much.  Any Sherlocks amongst you will have spotted three corners, at least.

And, no, I’m not going to point the fourth out if you’ve not fathomed it yourself.  You’re a hop, skip and a jump away from putting the last piece of the jigsaw together from here, as it is.

So, I’m off to try out the theory for tomorrow’s Car Insurance and Freelance Supermarket articles. I’ll hopefully be brimming with excitement this time tomorrow, providing I’m not up all night here.

Matt Cutts’ video warns of harsh summer ahead for black hats post Penguin 2-point-oh!

Until then, please feel free to skim the Penguin 2.0 update notes, notes which will form the basis of a unique article under normal circumstances.

There’s additional info about what the Google Spam Team has in store over the coming weeks and months. If you’re black-hatting or breaching advertorial guidelines, as Matt says:

it’s going to be a more eventful summer for you

than for the white hat seo guys.

p.s. – just tried Microsoft Windows Movie Maker – the quality of audio is so much better than recording to YouTube direct.  Think I’m going with WMV files, providing there’s no issue getting them up onto YouTube.

Plus, the WMV editorial kit looks a little more intuitive and concise.  Could have a bit of fun with this lot.  Roll over Stan Kubrick…

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