Freelancer Plus E-zine – 130529

Oh Em Effing Gee! What an edition, today.
So much so that I’ve made a pdf of it and uploaded it to Scribd – you can download it from the bottom of this post or view today’s edition on

Today’s lead had to be +Scott Buehler‘s awesome Ultimate Guide to+Google+, inspired by those two pillars of the G+ community, +martin shervington & +Mark Traphagen.

If you’re new to G+ or just learning the ropes, this article covers the essentials and many intricacies the power-users of our wonderful platform are, as yet, unfamiliar with.

And not satisfied with one Ultimate Guide, we bring you a second with +Denis Labelle‘s share of Martin Shervington’s Ultimate Guide to G+  #hangouts .

+Copyblogger gives us sound advice on our #emailmarketing campaigns.

+Stephan Hovnanian 
– talks G+ Twitter Chat
– takes a look at the Google+ #hovercard 
— your mini-business card now available across the entire suite of Google products and services
– how to use Communities & Pages for content curation.

I’ll definitely be checking that last one out, Stephan; top man!

+Search Engine Journal stress why +SlideShare has an increasingly huge part to play in your #internetmarketing campaign.

+Google Plus Daily takes us deeper into the stream and beyond, teaching us how to analyse our #ripples .

+Social Media Examiner analyse the benefits of an offensive marketing campaign against the competition. Or not.

Now here’s interesting – and if the editor mode was working, I’d bang this into the headlines, too: +Freelance Advisor  report on LinkedIn’s trial of the available for contract work button for our LI profiles,

+Brafton‘s article on teen’s making your target market easier to identify by their sharing habits is a must-read for anyone aiming to catch a slice of the adolescent sector.

+Mashable mix it up with their usual Potpourri of social- and technology-related stories.

+Marketo turn the tables on us #copywriters  by telling us that the#customerisking  – what rot!

There’s much, much more in today’s edition.

And a huge special nod to +Justin Matthew for showing the e-zine’s associated micro-blog on Tumblr,, some love through his Monopolize Social Media brand. Awesome, dude.

If you have an article you specifically want to appear in the next edition of Freelancer Plus (the e-zine, below), simply head on over to that blog, the ‘submit’ button is across the top toolbar, go through there, submit your article (guidelines on site) and Bingo! – you’re in print at noon (GMT) the next day.

The archive for today’s edition is here:
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Thanks for reading; please do share this with circles you feel would benefit from any of the articles contained herein.

Bless you all,
Jay D., Editor.


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