Demand Media Take “Write Epic Shit” Too Literally

How Demand Media took “Write Epic Shit” too literally

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s crappy writing.

Sea view telescope looking out from Mablethorp...

There may be the odd reference on this blog to back up the above quote/statement. So when I heard from Brian Clark on Google+ that Demand Media was fading fast, I rubbed my hands with glee.

I do apologise to all its staff for delighting in DM‘s demise, but the Internet does not need this sort of copywriting. Neither do writers, readers nor search engines, if we’re getting real.

Sadly, the company (and its subsidiaries) doesn’t seem to be as bad off as all that:

  • Writers will still be exploited
  • editors will still do their level best to drown out a good copywriter’s talent by stifling them with dubious editing guidelines
  • readers and site visitors will still be non-plussed when they land on site expecting expert information.

Is there a silver lining?

What the “haemorrhaging traffic” and plummet in visitors may yet do is force Demand Media to allow its writers’ voices to cut through the mundanity and actually accentuate the content.

Can (or should) the editing team educate writers to produce content that’s both informative and engaging?

If the comments on Variety’s post (see: related articles) are to be believed, the authors are not where the problem lies. However, the majority of its written content makes a wet weekend in Mablethorpe look like a month on The Costas.

It may also encourage a proper wage for its contributors, too. The knock-on effect of Demand realising that “you get what you pay for” would resonate across global media.

Now that would be progress, if it happened. Let’s just see if public opinion outstrips demand, shall we?

Have Your Say:

  • Is the demise of Demand Media a good thing for global media?
  • Or, if managed properly, could it yet be a platform to launch the Internet’s future backbone, quality copywriters?

What do YOU think? Pray, tell...

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