Google Drive adds enhanced image-editing software

There are many great image-editing tools available as extensions for Chrome.

PicMonkey, Rollip and Pixlr are a few of the outstanding tools that spring to mind.

But with the latest updates to its inhouse image-editing software, is Google usurping the need for third party tools?

This fantastic GIF, put together by Joshua Berg, highlights just one new enhancement in Google Drive’s advanced image editor.

Google Drive Docs – raising the bar

Add these improvements to this year’s upgrade of ‘Sheets’, Google’s spreadsheet program, and you’ve got to think that Microsoft are beginning to worry.

Who’s going to be willing to pay hundreds of pounds for Office software when Google is matching near-compatibility for free?

Okay, so maybe we sacrifice a little privacy. But anyone in marketing surely wants Google to know more about them?

With Knowledge Graph making leaps and bounds, the more Google knows about us, the more accurately it can:

  • define our influencers;
  • highlight relevant search results
  • serve our content to more relevant audiences.

It’s an exciting time to be on board with Google. If you’re worried about getting left behind on Google Plus, come circle and connect with me.

I’ll help you get to know the ropes and introduce you to some amazing characters. And, yes – even Plussers from the UK, now that G+ is catching on this side of The Pond!

Why should you want to follow me?

Well, almost 20,000 followers can’t all be wrong, can they?! See you there, circle me and shoot me a message. In the meantime, here’s Joshua’s concise overview:

How to edit images in Google Docs

Joshua Barg
Joshua Berg

from Google+:

“Since the latest Google Doc upgrades, you can now do a lot more with images directly in the platform. Edit, crop, resize, mask & much more.

Here’s some tips from Google on how to: Add borders and crop images in Google Docs & Slides”.


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