*How much do (should) freelance writers

*How much do (should) freelance writers charge?*

Getting to grips with #writing for the web presents those new to copywriting with a huge learning curve.

The rules seem to change daily, everyone’s offering good advice (whether you ask for it or not) and none of the jobs on the global freelance sites seem to match the topics you know about.

In addition, clients hardly ever want to pay more than they have to for your services, even if quality content *is* the lifeblood of their traffic, hence website, hence income.

It’s not all Stephen King and J K Rowling, especially when you’re starting out as a freelance #copywriter. So what should a fledgling writer expect to be paid?

Without a portfolio, reviews and plenty of contacts, the answer is: *very little*.

It’s a harsh reality, especially when you see ads telling you that 19-yr old student Ms Smedley-Smythe earns $365 a nano-second as a #freelancer after her first week online.

That’s utter bollocks, by the way. There is only one way to get a reputation that will see you earning something like a socially-acceptable wage and that’s to earn it.

But there are ways you can up the stakes. Add value, write for yourself when you’ve little work coming in and do start networking with potential clients. Put yourself out there, where paying clients can see and access your copy, even if it is from your own website. ;¬)

It may seem unlikely now, but writers can earn a liveable wage. If they adopt the right attitude. Here’s how »» http://ow.ly/AnwaC



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