How do I use LinkedIn for promoting a social media app?

Answer by Jason Darrell to the Quora question, “How do I use LinkedIn for promoting a social media app?“:

First, we have to realise that LinkedIn is a platform where wheels move within wheels. Not quite “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”, but close enough.

So, before dropping a link to your app on groups who may like the product, but don’t yet see you as part of their clique, write an in-depth post about your app on LinkedIn Pulse, LinkedIn’s personal publishing platform

But don’t make it a sales pitch. Instead, outline the benefits:

  • Why would people need your app?
  • What time/money will your app save adopters?
  • How simple is it to install/use?

Stage 2 – LinkedIn Groups

Once that’s posted, engage in community threads where people are asking about issues that your app could solve. Or in groups where users of your app are likely to hang out.

There’s often ‘suggested’ groups for you to join. Ensure that your profile relates to the app you’ve created and these should be relevant.

screen shot of linkedin 'groups you may like' sidebar widget
“Groups You May Like”, LinkedIn suggestions

Better still, add details of the app in a “project” on your LinkedIn profile.

Even if the groups aren’t what you’d expect, one assumes you’ve tested the market and know your target persona before creating the app, right? Cool. But again, no hard sell.

You can always link back to your LinkedIn Pulse article or your profile in order that people can make up their own mind about your new product. This may be preferable at the outset instead of sending people off site to a bespoke landing page you’ve created.

Which reminds me, when you insert a link into your LinkedIn Pulse post about the app, create a specific landing page for potential LinkedIn customers.

They do think they’re special. Landing page content directed towards the traffic LinkedIn is likely to bring (corporate, middle management and small business owners) will help you convert them. They’ll love it!

Rehearsed ad lib – breaking down barriers and garnering trust

Mm, should I? Ah, what the heck…

…here’s something else you could try.

When I was doing the promo for a new golf product, the developer and I set out to look for both affiliates and customers in the LinkedIn groups.

We were already members of many of the same groups as I was writing a lot about golf at the time.

What we used to do is known as a ‘Dog and Pony’ trick.

We’d get together on Skype (he was in Canada, me in the UK) and craft a Q&A that covered the issues we’d identified his product could help solve.

We also looked at the price point, to ensure that there was a good margin for third parties to retail through affiliate links.

I followed his LinkedIn profile so that I got notifications when he posted. He’d put the questions to relevant groups and I’d respond with the preprepared answer.

As this seemed totally organic to other group members, they had no problem pitching in with their thoughts and comments. Neither did they object, as my answers always added value to the group.

Very important, that last point. If the info is quality, people will see you as an authority. Even if they don’t proceed to buy your product, you’ll at least have some return on your investment.

Anywho, the responses from golfers and affiliates alike gave us even more of an angle to pitch the product.

We also had a level of exposure that advertising cannot buy. Through word of mouth, we achieved our goal over the course of a few months.

How? People do like to share their knowledge when they’ve helped out elsewhere. Double bubble.

Now, I’m in no way suggesting you do this. My biz partner was a wily old fox and I’m an expert copywriter, a great team for what we wanted to achieve. But if you’re confident you can pull it off, the very best of luck…☺


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