I am trying to get more website traffic and social networking traffic. Any help?

…question found on @Quora

Answer by Jason Darrell:

Some great answers here already. But there are three main routes via which relevant traffic can reach your website:

  • organic (SERPs)
  • social (networking/engagement)
  • paid (sponsored/adwords)

First, make sure you have unique quality content that adds value to your readership/following when they get there. Both in the service pages and on your blog.

Then, make sure they can find their way around your website.

According to #StateofSearch this week in Dallas, high quality content and navigability are the two key factors of the UX that will help your website in SERPs for organic traffic.

More info in this SlideShare, here:

Hummingbird and Semantic Search – State of Search Dallas from Eric Enge

Then, you need to be the face of your brand on social. Begin with social listening, pick out the conversations that point to your product/service being of benefit, then offer to help.

Don’t go in with a hard sell – just help out and your authority will lead to traffic via social in time.

I outline out a social engagement strategy based on my personal experience (if you don’t have one), here: Jason Darrell’s answer to How should I stop my self-promoting on social media?

Then, there’s paid traffic. Whether you use adwords and/or sponsored/boosted posts on social will depend upon the nature of your product.

Your ‘social listening’ efforts will help you to determine which platforms’ users have most in common with you, your brand and your product.

SEM, unfortunately, is beyond my remit, therefore take on board what others have said about driving paid traffic, if you will.


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