How do I get known or promote my online profile?

Jason Darrell’s answer (on Quora) to: How do I get known or promote my online profile?

Answer by Jason Darrell:

First, you want to get known for the right reasons.

Start with social listening – follow conversations where your expertise can help people out. Don’t try and sell anything at first – just be a hero to those in need.

If your knowledge is sound and advice clear, people will start to follow you for the right reasons.

Be where your customer is
If you simply gatecrash a conversation and paste a link to an answer you have existing on your own web real estate, (social media or website/blog), people will see you as a spammer, even if you do it with good intentions!

The psychology adopted by today’s digital-savvy consumer makes them very protective of their little bit of the internet.

As marketers, we have to reach people where they are – if they’re using facebook, don’t try to send them to Google+ or Twitter.

In order to encapsulate the whole of this market, you need to be wherever you think potential customers will be.

How to begin Social Listening
The temptation is to push, push, push your own content. Then push it some more. You cannot do that until you’ve developed trust and displayed your authority by sharing relevant knowledge with your potential audience.

To begin, you can follow hashtags, perform your own searches on the platforms themselves and follow thought leaders in your field to see how they’re responding to people who you believe will benefit from your help.

Hootsuite Social Media Management offers ways to follow “twitter searches”, as per this image, depicting a couple of terms I’ve got a vested interest in:

To accomplish following hashtags using Hootsuite, simply:

  • create a stream in Hootsuite (after you’ve signed up, if you’ve not done so already),
  • choose the Twitter account via which you want to follow conversations (must be linked via Hootsuite),
  • choose the ‘search’ option for the new stream (it will have ‘mentions‘, ‘inbox‘, ‘home stream‘, etc.)
  • and finally enter the search terms for which you want Hootsuite to render tweets in your dashboard (as above).

NOD3x Social Media Analytics and Data Discovery does a similar thing for Google+.

Both have free versions, with options for greater social network coverage (both in volume and number of networks you can follow/post to) for upgraded licenses.

Also, make sure you’re following Twitter chats around your sector and are involved in Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ groups/communities of the same.

The new term for this ‘phenomenon’ is “Relationship Marketing“. It’s no different from the 1-2-1 help pro digital marketers have been offering for years.

If you’re looking for an overall social strategy, here’s a 12-step guide I put together in a similar answer right here on Quora: How should I stop my self-promoting on social media?

I think that should cover all your bases; the very best of luck.


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