What are your predictions for digital and internet marketing for 2015?

Forecast for Search and Social for 2015 | via Quora

Answer by Jason Darrell:

Saw this article, thought of you, Frank Tsaur : 2015 Digital Marketing Predictions. Well, specifically, this question.

The linked post contains summaries from industry experts about their 2015 forecasts for:

  • SEO
  • AdWords
  • SocMed advertising
  • Consumer traits
  • More advertising and social media predictions
  • you get the picture.

Article originally found on Google+: Online Marketing Predictions for 2015

Changing face of SEO for 2015

For myself, I agree with Rick Eliason's forecast for SEO, to some extent.

Keywords will still play a part, just their role has changed. Marrying keywords' relationships with context and concepts around them will be the winning factor for ranking in search.

But this means a change in the way we write for Web 3.0. Brands will (hopefully) realise that Google does not exist purely as a channel along which brands can expect website traffic. «« Tweet This!

A company's entire digital strategy has to merge and beat with the same heart rate. Yes, even if SEO remains somewhat symbiotic to traditional advertising methods.

But that's no bad thing. Your search campaign should mirror your offline promotions, products and services. That's what Google wants.

Speak to your clients (not at them) through your social channels and your blog and website content. Discover what it is they like about your brand. Or what they don't.

Only by understanding your evangelists' motivation and your naysayers' chagrin will your digital marketing be successful.

I want to see more brands become more tangible, letting customers get touchy-feely with them.

If they can highlight the benefits of their products, they'll both attract a more relevant audience in the first instance and garner word of mouth traction, which is advertising money just can't buy.


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