How can I rapidly get a huge amount of traffic to my newly launched website?

Answer to the original Quora question by Jason Darrell:

You don’t want “a huge amount of traffic”. You want relevant traffic.

Unless, of course, you just want the adsense to pay your way. But if you don’t have quality content on your site when your audience gets there, you’re forever going to be driving traffic, as you’ll get few return visitors.

Don’t be fooled by numbers, either; they mean zip. It’s conversions that count.

Get out there, embark in social listening, find people whose pain points your product/service can help cure and help them; here’s a 12-step guide to developing a social strategy I posted to another question; maybe it’ll help: How should I stop my self-promoting on social media?

Other ways to win trust by listening first

Be a thoughtful commenter on high traffic blogs. Sign up to RSS feeds and get in there first; any further traffic to those blog posts will see your comment first; if you’ve got something worthwhile saying, they’ll likely want to find out more about you, too.

Follow hashtags – Hootsuite is good for following Twitter threads/chats, NOD3x is great for Google+, Facebook and many other platforms.

What you must not do is spam potential audiences with links back to your content. If they like what you say, they’ll find a way to get to you through your correctly marked up bios on your website’s representative social media platforms.

Build your authority first, give your audience a reason to trust you, and only then will you become relevant to them and those that stick around relevant to you.

Paid traffic may be the answer, but be prepared to dig deep…

Young Man With Empty Pockets

As some of the guys have said, there are ways (mainly paid) that you can get unqualified traffic to your pages. But your ads have got to match your content and that content has to be worth visitors coming to check out.

If you pay for traffic and your site does not deliver what your ads promise, you’re going to need deep pockets to fund the amount of traffic you think you need.

And whilst I agree in theory that pitching high-traffic blogs that your competitors guest blog on, as Brad Gerlach alludes in his answer, is an option, I have concerns about whether it’s suited to your situation.

Given Google’s tightened criteria over links and guest blogging, unless you have:

  • an established niche reputation, or
  • an absolutely must-have product that will go viral, or
  • can create amazingly unique, quality content that will add value to and compliment your host’s site,

it’s unlikely that those webmasters are going to give a site without any age to it a dofollow link or present you to their audience, which is the whole point of this tactic.

If you have time on your side but little budget, consider hiring a social media professional on Fiverr/Fivesquids who can blanket cover the social platforms and help raise your brand awareness.

However, do be prepared to do a little work yourself, as the old adage,

you get what you pay for

is never truer than in that situation. And that goes for the content on your site, too. Don’t skimp – give Google every reason to show it in SERPs, and no reason not to show it.

Hope that helps.

image credit: Ambro, Young Man With Empty Pockets Stock Photo


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