50 Ways Writers Can Prepare for the New Year

50 Ways Writers Can Prepare for the New Year | M. Shannon Hernandez.

With many writers, life at the keyboard is an all-or-nothing venture.

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There are pressures nowadays not only on producing content, but amplifying its message across social.

The job of author, journalist, blogger – however you care to pigeonhole what you do – has taken on a life of its own, often swallowing up the little extra-curricular time wordsmiths used to avail themselves of.

Remember when a social life meant, you know, going out?

This article in the HuffPost is a great reminder that there are things in life besides word-processing software.

How we look and feel about ourselves not only affects the way we work, but also reflects in the content we produce.

Generally, the better off we are psychologically and physically, the more upbeat our sentiment, thus the more likely we are to see our efforts shared on our behalf.

In addition, the more emotionally stable our lives, the more readily we take on even the most mundane tasks as well as actually producing fluid copy and accepting new challenges with gusto.

The questions that led to these 50 Writing Tips For The New Year were:

  • How are you getting yourself in tip-top writing mode for the new year?
  • What’s on your must-finish-up-so-you-can-start-afresh list?
  • What tips/strategies/ideas would you include on a list about getting ready for writing in the new year?

The answers are perhaps not what you’d expect. Check out for yourself, see what you think…

  • What was in your 2013 writing gospel that you need to go to confession for?
  • What are you going to do about those articles/manuscripts that have reached a dead end? Bin them? Seek advice? Or shelve them for another year?

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