Help me understand.

Andrew McWilliams

Being in the ‘people’ business for over 20+ years has certainly taught me to expect the unexpected.

So I am always surprised when I meet new people and in getting to know them, realize how low their expectations are for their life…But lately…low expectations have taken on a new dimension.

I’m talking L.O.W.

Rock bottom.

Almost non existent expectations… Don’t get me wrong, people still dream. They just don’t believe.

Dreaming is now just another form of escapism.

Watch reality tv…check.


Drugs…illegal and prescribed…check.

Toxic relationships…to ‘feel’ alive…check.

It used to be that dreams where the blueprint for the future…not now…I see embarrassment and reluctance to share new dreams from ‘most’ people. We need a ‘checkup from the neck up’ <- awesome saying….

Seriously, dealing with so many incredible people from all walks of life is my privilege…seeing the power within this collective group is awe inspiring!!!!…

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