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The entire 30+ chapters (to date) of Billy Came are available in one downloadable pdf, protected by all of the usual copyright laws and Copyscape monitored.

Billy came is a short vampire story conceived by Jason Darrell, as many things are, in a dream.

This particular dream was more powerful than most; I woke totally and utterly convinced that Billy had indeed visited me in the night.

Furthermore, that there would be residual puncture wounds and more evidence that I’d been ‘made’.

The greatest vampire of them all?
b/w graphite pencil drawing, © zebedeerox

The chapters from 1-through-10 are, in their vast majority, directly from the dream.  Although some artistic license and character direction has been implemented to try to direct the story towards some logical conclusion.

As of September 2013, I still have absolutely no idea of where it’s going. I’m just writing it as and when the characters dictate, tapping the inside of my head as they do when they decide to let me in on what they’re up to.

I feel more like a narrator than the author – the two main characters are literally leading me by the hand.  My involvement is confined to interpretting scenes to an audience that lies beyond the cranial theatre where the storyboard is playing out.

Like any true vampire, neither Sebastian nor Perveen will be killed off easily.

I do know that the finale is stretching further into the distance with every passing chapter as the characters lead me through their Undead world.

A full listing of completed chapters to date is below the slide-show of images from Billy came.

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As the story inevitably gets longer, the links to the chapters will drop off the home page widget, so I thought I’d better make a separate page dedicated to this vampire novella, as it’s turning out to be.

So, herewith, please read, enjoy and feel free to comment as and where you see fit:

    • Part One – The Making of a vampire
  1. He came like the thief in the night
  2. A rite of passage
  3. A test of nerve
  4. A taste of things to come
  5. A time for goodbyes
  6. The human ostrich syndrome
  7. Time to meet my maker
  8. Alone with my vampire queen
  9. An introduction of fire and ice
    • Part Two – SubTerranea: Vampire Central
  10. Billy came calling
  11. The bridal party
  12. The storm abates
  13. Going deeper underground
  14. A loony vista
  15. A penny for them
  16. The River of Black Roses
  17. Falling, falling, falling
    • Part Three – The Son of The Dragon
  18. A time for choices
  19. Interviewing a Vampire, 1
  20. Interviewing a Vampire, 2
  21. A Father on the Altar
  22. Some Mothers…
  23. The Point of No Return
  24. Dressed for the Occasion
  25. The Henchmen Unveiled
  26. A Glimpse into Hell
  27. Sibling Rivalry: To Die Or Not To Die
  28. Revisited: an Old Trick From My Bride’s Head
    • Part Four – no idea what this Part will be called as I’m clueless as to where Perveen and Sebastian are taking me next, so let’s all just sit back and enjoy the ride along the dank corridors of Subterranea, vampire-stylee
  29. The Trek Along the Cavern Wall
  30. A Shift in the Natural Order
  31. nb. Billy came (The Story of Perveen and Sebastian) will continue in December 2013 after NaNoWriMo; if you’re new to Billy Came, to save you clicking the above links to each paragraph to get up to date, you can download everything up to Chapter 30 here: Billy Came – The Story so Far – usual copyright laws exist – i.e. you can print and/or save one copy only and none of it can be used for commercial purposes and/or re-distribution…you know the drill, eh?  If you’d like to drop a comment in, please feel free to do so.  Right – it’s October 29th – I’m off to write my novel in a month – see you in December, folks. xxx

Horror book store on Amazon, paper and kindle formats

If this little novella has not slaked your thirst for blood, there is an excellent Amazon bookstore that has filtered out everything except horror; I would highly recommend Voices of the Undead; the categories are:

There are also three mighty big thank yous for this story –

Anne Rice, who took Lestat and his brood to vampire heights ne’er before scaled, and to whom I had the great pleasure of speaking with direct on a Barnes & Noble forum back in 2008.  She told me that Lestat would not be coming back; how mortified was I?  Scroll about halfway down the page on the Anne Rice hyperlink, above, for our discussion.

Secondly, the one and only Stephen King, without whom I would not even know where to begin; isn’t he just awesome?  If I become one hundredth as accomplished, I will consider it a lifetime achievement.

And tertiary, you, dear reader, for stopping by and reading this.  Without you, I would just be rambling to myself and that just wouldn’t do, now, would it?

The Seed

The Seed is a work-in-progress vampire novel that, for all intents and purposes of this website is password-protected.  If you’re looking for Billy Came, scroll down a little further.

A synopsis and excerpt of The Seed can be found on my NaNo profile.

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